South Cerney Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to the South Cerney Parish Neighbourhood Plan website.

Public Consultation – Saturday 16th September 10am to 4pm at Fenton’s, Teal Way

Update on Progress

Although it may seem to have been quiet since the public consultation held in March, the Neighbourhood Planning Committee has been working hard to fully understand the views and opinions expressed by residents both through the Household Questionnaire and also at the public consultation. A separate meeting was held where local businesses were invited to gather their views and to share the feedback from residents. We have been drawing together a vision for South Cerney, which sounds grand and maybe a little pretentious but it has enabled the Committee to identify some objectives and draft planning policies that will form the basis of the Plan.

We now need to share our ideas with Cotswold District Council so that we can be sure that our proposals do not conflict with their Local Plan and also National Planning Policies. We will then refer back to our Community and intend holding another public consultation on Saturday 16 September at Fenton’s in Teal Way. You will be able to examine our thoughts and proposals, understand what evidence we have for them and suggest any amendments or additions that you think are needed.

Following this we expect to work with consultants to write the full plan and enter into the final approval process.

If you have any questions please make contact through the site.

Ian Bullock

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Chairman

The Household Questionnaire