South Cerney Parish Neighbourhood Plan

This page is updated to show our progress. By clicking on the documents and further links below you can examine a small part of the evidence that we have gathered and our conclusions in terms of vision and objectives so far. You will also see a link to the emerging Cotswold District Council Local Plan, any policies we include in our plan will need to be consistent with the District plan. We will now begin work on drafting actual planning policies.

Vision and Objectives

Draft Vision and Objectives as at 26 July 2017.

Local Character Assessment

South Cerney and Cerney Wick Local Character Assessment Report – Draft 2.

Questionnaire Comment Analysis

South Cerney NDP Household Questionnaire 2017 Comment Analysis.

Household Questionnaire Summary

South Cerney NDP Household Questionnaire 2017 Closed Questions Summary.

Business Survey

South Cerney Neighbourhood Plan Business Survey.


Comments from the Questionnaire.

Objectives to Evidence Table

Objectives to Evidence Numbers.

Draft Local Plan Submission

Cotswold District Council Local Plan Submission Draft Reg.19 – July 2017.